Welcome to the Sungod Skating Club! For over 42 years, Sungod Skating Club has provided skating lessons to children of all ages in the North Delta community. We offer sessions for beginners up to competitive skating level. Our coaching staff is dedicated to helping our skaters succeed in their skating goals, while making the experience fun and enjoyable.



Important Dates:

Mar 16- Last day of Winter Skate

Mar 23- Early Registration Deadline for Canskate

Mar 26-30- Bridge Week (JR & Up) 

April 3- 1st day of Spring Skating​​​

​April 4- Intermediate/Senior Parent Meeting

​April 6- Junior Parent Meeting

​May 18-20- Victoria Day Competition (Fleetwood)

​May 27- Sungod AGM & Shinning Stars Banquet/Awards

​May 30- StarSkate Academy Competition

June 1- Norma Grant JSA Competition

June 8- Last Day of Spring Season

​June 18-22- Bridge Week (JR & Up)

​June 25-29- Boot Camp (JR & Up)

​July 2- 1st Day of Summer Season​

CanSkate is Skate Canada’s national learn to skate program. The program teaches fundamental skating skills to beginners interested in ice sports including hockey, ringette, and figure skating. CanSkate is taught by NCCP-trained professional coaches using a nationally-tested and proven curriculum guaranteeing skater success.

Sungod Scholarships 2017

Canskate: Aiden Naicker, Hannah Voo, Makenzie Colina, Olive Pike, Phoebe Kao & Ryan Jagpal
Starskate Academy: Lilly Cheng
Junior Stars Academy:  Ava Macedo & Zoe Cheng
Star 1: Keira Deane
Star 2: Taylor Perkins
Star 3: Peyton Reid
Star 4: Julie Manner
Star 5: Katelyn Reis             
Sr Bronze- Gold: Jennifer Somerville
Pre Juvenile-Juvenille: Kathryn Rektor
Pre-Novice-Novice: Kyran Steuart
PA of the Year: Kyran Steuart
Huffington Award: Pareena Sidhu


Award Certificates Winners 2017

Best Sportsmanship: Tasha Lai & Priya Sahota
Best Work Ethic: Leila McManus
Most Overall Improved Dryland: Isabelle Brosinski & Nitya Goel
Most Improved Stroking and Skatiing Skills: Crystal Wong
Most Outstanding Field Moves: Katherine Kang & Manheer Dhaliwal                        
Most Improved Artistically: Briya Parhar & Keira Deane
Most Improved Spins: Jennifer Somerville & Isabella Lai
Most Improved Jumps: Lucie Shaver & Jennifer Somerville    

Most Overall Improved: Julie-Anne Wang & Violet Iverson
First Axel Award: Caden Chen, Crystal Wong, Janet Badhesha,
Julie Manner, Lucie Shaver & Nicole Zhang
Coaches Choice Volunteer of the Year: Cora Deane

High School Graduates: Briya Parhar

PA’s of the Month                                                  
January           Hannah Hutchinson                         
February        Janet Badhesha
March             Jennifer Somerville
April                Pareena Sidhu
May                 Priya Sahota

Sungod Skating Club is sanctioned by Skate Canada and supported by the BC Government.